Press materials in the subject of stink from the Res-Drob

The subject of heavy air pollution, and law abuse caused by Res-Drob (Fowl-Res Sp. z.o.o.) plant, has been described and filmed by the local and national media since year 2012. Maybe even the number of articles, will give you an idea how strained and damaging, is this problem for local community, and how helpless is their situation. Our association few times faced the situation, when local media wasn’t keen to mention most disturbing informations, because of pressure of local authorities, which are trying to keep silence about this problem as much as possible. So local media in general are trying to avoid most controversial issues, which shows strange and unclear approach of local authorities. Years are passing by, and press publications didn’t change much the horrible situation in Rzeszow city center.

Collection of links to Polish press materials:

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