Burdensome neighbourhood of the Res-Drob (Fowl-Res Sp z.o.o.)

Res-Drob (Fowl-Res) has been operating for more than 65 years. Originally the factory was located on the outskirts of Rzeszow – at the moment it became the very center of the city. The company’s webpage claims that carries out very well-developed export of poultrymeat to the European, Asian and Central African markets. It is a modern and quality company. From the company’s website you can find out that people around the world appreciate the quality of their products. It is a pity that this “quality” does not correspond with respect for the principles of social coexistence with the inhabitants of the surrounding single family houses and blocks of flats.

Local socjety of Rzeszow have for years complained about the hard-to-lift fetor and the constant noise generated by the ongoing trucks with livestock and cars receiving liquid and solid wastes from slaughterers, and delivery trucks, that are loaded around the clock.

Despite many complaints from residents, the activities of local enviroment protecting institutions seem to be complete inevicient. The institutions outsource various inspections, but they do not affect the quality of life of the neighbors of the poultry slaughterroom in the centre of Rzeszow. According to the officials, the activity of the slaughterhouse is carefully monitored, but nothing changes in the position of the inhabitants. Weather-dependent odors occur in a sudden situation. Unpleasant odours are strongly palpable on the streets: Gołębia, Klonowa, Konopnicka, Marszałkowska, Różana, Staffa, Warszawska, sometimes they are very difficult to endure. The fetor is mined at various times of the day and night, regardless of the time of year.

The chicken factory has a work permit around the clock, so it interferes with the night-rest of the surrounding blocks of flats. Every day we can observe the tracks, sometimes standing even a few hours with the engine on, at a distance of less than 20 meters from the apartment blocks, emitting exhaust gases and high noise levels. So what makes, despite the strong tendency to output industrial plants from the city center (for example, the famous Zelmer) much more disruptive Res-Drob still stands where it stood?

The area of the plant is extremely well-fenced and inaccurately enclosed. How is it possible that officials so carefully caring for the aesthetics of the city, are completely blind to blatant violations of security and aesthetics in the areas directly adjacent to the estate where many thousands of people live? These places are inadequately secured, inadequately fenced-residents of the settlements have repeatedly witnessed when the areas belonging to the plant among the fragments of steel structures play with children.

Every year in the summer season, residents complain about the fetor of local media and a series of articles of problems with stench and noise have been made, and some unclear promises and information about the successive “modernisations” by Fowl-Res, and various urban institutions, after which the case “is sweeper under the carpet” for the next year.

It is also worth to consult the documents issued for the Res-Drob integrated permit. According to the document, the odour nuisance from the poultry slaughterhouse in the centre of Rzeszow is a phenomenon which should not be sought, so it is worthwhile for interventions to rely on them. 

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