About the Association

Welcome to the Association „Nasz czysty i zdrowy Rzeszów” (Our Clean and Healthy Rzeszow). We associate the inhabitants of Rzeszow working for the sustainable development of our city. The association was founded in 2016.

Objectives of the action

  • tackling air pollution,
  • popularization of the idea of conscious participation in the setting of the law determining the nature of the life environment,
  • promoting and promoting health protection in terms of environmental hazards,
  • raising the level of knowledge of the population as regards measures to protect property rights and to tackle immissions, and in particular:
    • protection against the installation of landfill sites, 
    • protection against the strain generated by livestock farms,
    • protection against dust, exhaust gases, etc.,
    • protection of water reservoirs from chemical and mechanical contamination,
    • noise and vibration protection.

The association pursues its objectives by

  • direct requests to the competent authorities for the improvement of the law on health and environmental protection,
  • direct observations, proposals, opinions and complaints to local and administrative authorities and lawsuits in respect of infringements of environmental and health law,
  • supporting all citizens initiatives to improve the protection of the environment and human health throughout Poland,
  • studying literature with the latest advances in knowledge of the risks and defenses of the environment and human health,
  • study the existing law protecting human health and the environment.

Statutes of the Association

Available at this link.

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